Vegan Gyros

Updated: Nov 21

Vegan gyros with pork-style baked jackfruit makes for a delicious lunch or a beach snack. Its flavors and textures will remind you of your Greek holidays.. and summertime :)

I never thought we would create a vegan version of this dish as gyros is quintessentially a meat-lovers choice, but it turns out that the mighty jackfruit has made it totally possible. In case you haven’t had the real thing, traditional gyros is a Greek dish made of pork or chicken meat, usually served wrapped in a soft and fluffy pita, with tomato, onion, tzatziki sauce and sometimes a few potato fries too. Well, we have followed exactly the same formula except for the meat component, of course. Aside from the animal welfare aspect of this choice, our version is also considerably lighter than the original and just as delicious. It’s ideal if you are trying to cut down on your saturated fat intake. It’s also very portable – great for taking along for a walk in the hills, which is exactly what is in our weekend plans.


JACKFRUIT PORK (for best flavour, make a day ahead)